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Church History

Unity MBC Mission Statement: To WIN people to Jesus Christ, TRAIN believers to become disciples, and SEND disciples out to impact the world.


On a brilliantly sunny, brisk cold day, September 25, 1966 at a small white frame (empty) church on Wade Road, 35 persons, seeking a pastor, assembled themselves together and called Rev. Henry Thomas to meet with them.


Later, a wee worshipper named the meeting place, “the church in the grass”.


On that special day, having been elected as pastor, Rev. Henry Thomas immediately named the church and those assembled in the new congregation, “Unity Missionary Baptist Church”.


The “little church in the grass” was moved to a new site on Godfrey Street.   Since that time, marvelous events pertaining to “Unity Missionary Baptist Church” have continued to occur.


It is important to note that “Unity” was founded and conceived in prayer.   Five Christians searching for a pastor prayed together at 12:00 noon for a week.   The prayers of the late Sis. Lelia Durio, the late Sis. Emma “Mama” Wilson, the late Bro. Abram Lewis, the late Sis. Lessie Oliver, and the late Sis. Isabella Lewis were heard and answered by our Almighty God.   The prayer warriors remained both loyal and loving toward “Unity” from its inception until they went to receive their heavenly rewards.


The history of Unity reveals that our foundation and founders were built on the solid rock of Jesus and therefore our Christian legacy and principles have withstood the test of time.    History records that Unity has the characteristics of a hospital (for the sin-sick/lost soul), a refuge or shelter from the storms of life, a school for spiritual growth and education, an energizer for the spirit, a sanctuary for healing and deliverance, a house of prayer, a family-oriented congregation, and a lighthouse of love.   Unity has been, through the years, and remains today a place “where everybody is somebody”, a place to consummate love, pay our final respects to our departed love ones, but first and most of all, a place to glorify God, to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom and to seek the salvation of sinners.


Whereas every member of Unity is “somebody in the Body of Christ”, there are those servants who are forever etched in the memory of Unity, because of their faithfulness and tireless efforts to build this ministry……first and foremost, our only Pastor, now Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Henry Thomas of 49 years, our only now deceased, First Lady, Sis. Helen J. Thomas, then all those who have served until death in leadership roles here at Unity. Every auxiliary head or staff member has served Unity with innovative, creative, talented, and anointed leadership that has made each organization cohesive, functional and progressive.   It is no wonder that by God’s grace, we have become a lasting pillar of truth and encouragement in the Baytown-McNair community.   It is especially inspiring that many of the youngsters who were here at the inception of Unity are now adults and still active members along with their families, continuing the tradition of our Christian legacy here at Unity under the same teachings, guidance, and pastoral leadership that has spanned 49 glorious years.  Unity Missionary Baptist Church continues to grow in this new Millennium, and that growth is rooted and grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ, because this is HIS House and He continues to give the increase!  


When many of us have gone on into eternal rest in Christ, Unity will continue to be a hospital for the sin-sick soul, a refuge and shelter for the lost and needy, a place to renew the spirit, a sanctuary of prayer and thanksgiving, and a worship center for years to come.   Our history proves God is faithful…from our humble beginnings as the “church in the grass”, to a growing Unity at the Godfrey Street site, to our wonderful present-day site here on Broad Street.    God has been good to Unity and we can’t help, but to praise him for his Goodness, His Mercy, His Grace, which has sustained this church for 49 years!   Yes, we have truly come this far by FAITH and Faith will lead us on into eternity with Christ!


This historical account of Unity’s history is today recorded for the posterity of our children and now made available to them for years to come.

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