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media Technician

Job Description:

Our church is seeking a skilled and passionate individual to join our team as a Church Media Technician. As a Church Media Technician, you will play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and engaging worship experience for our congregation. You will be responsible for operating and maintaining our audio, visual, and lighting equipment, ensuring seamless production during services and events.



- Set up, operate, and troubleshoot audio, visual, and lighting equipment for worship services, events, and special programs.

- Coordinate with worship leaders, pastors, and other team members to understand and fulfill their audio-visual requirements.

- Manage and maintain our media equipment, including sound systems, projectors, cameras, and lighting fixtures.

- Edit and produce high-quality audio and video recordings of sermons, worship services, and other church events.

- Assist in the creation and execution of multimedia presentations, including slideshows, videos, and graphics.

- Train and support volunteers in operating media equipment and assist in recruiting new team members.

- Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in church media production and implement them effectively.



- Previous experience in operating audio, visual, and lighting equipment in a church or similar environment.

- Proficient in using software and hardware for audio and video editing, such as Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

- Knowledge of live sound reinforcement techniques, including mixing consoles, microphones, and speaker systems.

- Familiarity with video production equipment, including cameras, tripods, and lighting setups.

- Strong organizational and multitasking skills to manage multiple projects and deadlines.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with volunteers and church staff.

- A passion for using media and technology to enhance worship experiences and engage the congregation.

Note: This position requires a background check and may include a demonstration of technical abilities during the interview process.

Application Process:

To apply for the Church Media Technician position, click the link below and fill out the Google Form

Media Technician Job Application

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